Composite Doors – Many styles and colours avalable


At Creative UPVC we believe that offering the best products around is the key to a happy customer. Just take a look at our range of composite doors, not only are they absolutely stunning but they are tested annual heating checkup to the very limit against extreme weather and extremely over enthusiastic visitors – Burglars.

Creative UPVC install the highest quality doors around. Our composite doors are thick ( 44mm as opposed to a upvc panel door being 28mm) The super strong structure gives the door exceptional strength. The GRP finish means  you will keep the colour of the door you originally asked for. You only have to open and shut one to feel the difference !!!

At Creative UPVCwe believe security is paramount, thats why all our doors come with the latest upto date security features. All our doors can acheive the Police approved Secured by Design accreditation. The locks fitted are Anti-Bump, Anti-Pick, Anti-Drill, Anti-Snap….. the list goes on !!!

Imagine opening your new front door 50,000 times, well thats what your new door with Creative UPVC will be tested too. All the doors we install go through an intensive” boot camp” ensuring you not only get a stunning addition to your home but that you will get one that will stand the test of time.With over twenty styles in seven different colours, not too mention the beautiful range of glass.


There is a door waiting for a new home – Yours. Call Creative UPVC now