Available in UPVC or aluminium

Creative UPVC install the highest quality doors around. Our composite doors are thick ( 44mm as opposed to a upvc panel door being 28mm) The super strong structure gives the door exceptional strength. The GRP finish means you will keep the colour of the door you originally asked for. You only have to open and shut one to feel the difference !!!

Bi-folding doors can transform your home and the way you live your life. Whether you chose to relax in a stylish open plan living area or you want to create beautiful panoramic views from any room then Creative UPVC have the answer. The “Grand Design” look can now be acheived without breaking the bank, the doors can be supplied in UPVC or aluminium. If aluminium is your preferred option then the colour choices are endless, each set of doors can be powder coated to any RAL colour that takes your fancy. If you have an opening between 1500mm and 6500mm then Bi-folding doors can be fitted by a creative upvc fitter.

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